Wine event

Twice a year the Chasa Montana Hotel & Spa invites you to an extraordinary wine evening. The last event took place on April 5, 2019 with Capannelle. Gladly following a summary of this great evening. Details on the next scheduled event can be found in the EVENT calendar.

The following wineries participated at our last wine events: Allegrini -Veneto, Braida-Piedmont, La Spinetta-Piedmont, Frederic Magnien- Burgundy, Domaine Chanson-Burgundy, Andi Kollwentz-Burgenland, Heribert Bayer-Burgenland, Albert Gesellmann-Burgenland, Heinz Velich-Burgenland, Alois Kracher-Burgenland, Leo Hillinger-Burgenland, Reinhold Krutzler-Burgenland, Corte Pavone-Tuscany, Valdifalco-Tuscany, Schwarhof Loacker-South Tyrol, Erich Mahcherndl-Wachau, Walter Skoff-Steiermark, and many others.