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Wellness Balance: Active programme

Stress, hectic, unhealthy nutrition, alcohol, smoking, and too little or no exercise are the main causes for tiredness, a lack of energy, overweightness, general discomfort, and many other diseases of civilisation.

The imbalance of the acid-base balance in the human body is the source of all these complaints. The ratio between acids and alkaline is of great importance for the functioning of all metabolism activities in the organism. An acid-base balance is required for normal metabolism activities. The pH value determines if something is sour or alkaline. Alkaline food is mainly made up of vegetables, mushrooms, mature fruits, sprouts, almonds, seeds and grains, and they have a pH value of more than 7. Acidogenic food with a pH value lower than 7 are all types of meat, fish, seafood, milk products, animal fats, sugar, alcohol and coffee. A healthy person has a light alkaline value of about 7.4.

During the course of life we collect more toxins or acids than the body can degenerate. All acids that the body cannot expel immediately are stored in the connective tissue and the so-called acidosis (hyperacidity) starts. With the Prefit Bodyscan (electric resistance measurement), the exact condition of acute and chronic acids is determined, and the energy household is measured in dynamics and energy reserves.

We offer the Acidosana® programme, which is based on the 4 pillars exercise, nutrition, relaxation and positive thinking. 

Only in this way can metabolism be activated, the body can be detoxified, and the immune system can be strengthened. Once the majority of the acids have been removed from the body, new energy, zest for life and vitality is achieved.

Take your first step towards a new and healthier life and find all the information in the "Wellness Plus Balance" book, which is available at the reception and the Spa Reception.

The Montana SPA team