Montana massages

Ear-candle treatment

Ear candles have been used by primates for a long time. By burning the candle creates the so-called chimney effect. This cleanses the ear by negative pressure and the movement of the flame leads to a soothing vibration and acts as a gentle eardrum massage.

CHF 62.- (1 treatment – approx. 25 min.)
CHF 168.- (3 treatments)
Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui is a Hawaiian full-body temple massage. It is implemented with the hands and forearm
and many scenting oils. The beautician dances around the body and massages and touches the soul. The massage is accompanied by Hawaiian music
and will bring you to Hawaiian beaches. Mental and physical tensions
disappear. A unique feeling of wellbeing is achieved, which results in more strength and zest for life.

CHF 170.- (approx. 80 min. incl. relaxation phase)
Hot stone full body massage

Hot stone full body massage

The Hot Stone is a holistic massage method that promotes blood circulation in a pleasant way, relaxes muscular tension and supports lymphatic flow. The heat transferred to the body provides a physical and mental balance, activates the body's own energy sources and increases the well-being through the power of the stones. In the form of thermotherapy, the warm lava stones can give off their heat to the muscles before the actual massage treatment.

CHF 170.- (ca. 80 min. including period of rest afterwards)