Sisley treatments

Enter the universe of an extraordinary brand, known for offering the best ethereal oils and natural plant extracts. Highly efficient care products and massage rituals from all over the world are combined to meet the requirements of all skin types. The "Phyto aromatic care" is available in several versions, which have been conceived with great attention to detail and a certain procedure, in order to give every skin exactly what it needs.
Sisley "EXPERTS"

Sisley "EXPERTS"

Our competent team will support you in the choice of the following treatments:

  1. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Hydration – moisturising treatment for young skin.
  2. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Eclat – the ideal treatment for immediate radiation.
  3. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Confort extrême - developed for the nutrition of skin lacking in lipids and moisture.
  4. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Réparateur – repairs and calms the skin after a sunny or cold day.
  5. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Pureté – purifies and regulates sebum production without influencing the moisture balance.
  6. Sisley Phyto Aromatic Homme - combines effect and pleasure for the moisturised, tight and fresh skin radiance of men.

CHF 165.- (approx. 55 minutes)
Sisleya "Anti-Aging"

Sisleya "Anti-Aging"

Three excellent treatments for re-modelling of the face and providing it with a youthful appearance. Our beauticians will advise you and you can make a choice based on your skin type:

  1. For normal skin
  2. For dry to very dry skin
  3. For mixed to oily skin

CHF 240.- (approx. 80 min.)