Chasa Montana Hotel & Spa - 3 generations only 1 hotel

Chasa Montana Hotel & Spa - 3 generations only 1 hotel
„Every day is a family day at Chasa Montana Hotel & Spa“

The little Lukas comes out of the "Murmeli Club" completely out of breath into the big Roman indoor swimming pool to tell his grandfather what he has experienced today with the childminder and the other KIDS. Penguin BOBO our mascot of the ski school was today a visit to remind all children that he would be very happy in the winter on a visit. In addition, there was much tinkering, laughing and playing. "Wait until Grandma is back from hairdresser and pedicure and then tell us both about your experiences at the Murmeli Club," replied the grandfather of Lukas.

Mum and Dad are just coming back from a duty free shopping trip, already moved in the fluffy bathrobe. "Lukas we bought you a new bike helmet in ZEGG sports and fashion shop, tomorrow we can start our bike tour and Grandpa we take with us. He gets an E-BIKE, we have already reserved, also with Dani in the sports shop. We drive through the Zanders valley to Spiss, which has recommended us to Julia from the reception, it is mostly downhill with slight slopes and downhill, a real family tour, "says Papa. "When we're back, we'll eat pizza or spaghetti at La Pasta tomorrow evening, all together."

"We deserved it after this bike trip" is Mum's opinion, and tonight Lukas and his sister Heidi are sleeping on the comfortable pull-out couch in the room at Grandma and Grandpa, because Mom and Dad are in the evening with Diploma Sommelier Thomas in the wine cellar to try some of the 1000 different wines. And after the evening dinner Thomas has made some rarities from the 1990s on the program, they can not be missed.