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25 November 2023

3rd Smugglers Trophy and Winter Opening Concert

On the trail of the legendary smugglers. Samnaun starts the opening weekend with the "Smuggler Trophy" event. At the Trophy, the participating teams have to smuggle "smuggler's bags" back and forth between Switzerland and Austria - on skis and snowboards, of course. In between, they have to solve tricky tasks, outsmart customs officers and work together with accomplices.


In the evening, the Winter Opening Concert will take place. This year DABU FANTASTIC will play on the big stage in Samnaun Dorf. Dabu Bucher and DJ Arts founded the Swiss band in 2008. In 2012, Dabu Fantastic was awarded "Best Talent National" at the Swiss Music Awards and is now one of the most successful bands in Switzerland.

Since its foundation, the musical style has evolved from hip hop towards dialect pop. The songs with clever and witty lyrics tell stories of city and country. The latest album "So Easy" was released in 2022.


The energetic live band, which thrills the masses with its unique stage presence and forces them to dance with captivating rhythms, will play in Samnaun village on Saturday, 25 November 2023 at 6 pm. Admission is free.


with the Swiss band DABU FANTASTIC

Saturday, 25 November 2023

from 18:00 pm, Samnaun Dorf

Entry to the concert is free of charge